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Session Times • Payment Terms • Donations

Counselling 'Hours' are 50 minutes to allow your counsellor to maintain your file.

For sessions beginning on the hour:
     •  1 Hour sessions end at :50
     •  1.5 Hour sessions end at :15

on the half hour:
     •  1 Hour sessions end at :20
     •  1.5 Hour sessions end at :45

24 hours notification is required to cancel appointments.
Appointment fee may be charged to client for no-show or late cancellation.

Payment is by cash or cheque, and is due at the end of each session.

Cheques payable to:
Burden Bearers Counselling Centre

NSF cheque fee - $25.00


Burden Bearers Counselling Centre is a non-profit agency which provides private, confidential counselling for people who are hurting, regardless of age or income.

No one will be turned away for lack of funds.

About one half of the costs of maintaining an office will be paid by client fees ($80.00/hr). Clients may contact their employers to inquire about employee assistance coverage for this service.

Burden Bearers is also supported by donations from individuals, churches, businesses & community agencies who are committed to our vision.

All donations (including any client donations above the hourly rate) are eligible for charitable tax receipts issued by Burden Bearers Counselling Society of Alberta.


* Make cheques payable to:
Burden Bearers Counselling Centre
Box 5325 - 5014 Industrial Road
Drayton Valley, Alberta  T7A 1R5

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